Who We Are

Prime merchantiles international limited is a limited liability company incorporated in Uganda. It was fully registered and incorporated on 28.02.2007.

We mainly deal in flour additives, Food fortificants, food supplements, preservatives, Flavors, milling equipment and Bakery machines

We represent stern wywiol Grupe of Germany in Uganda as their sole agents in the above specialization.

Since 1998, we have been operating this business under M.products and general merchandise limited, until 2007 when our Managing Director Mr.Kiyemba Moses Seruwo transferred the Ageny to Prime Merchantiles International Ltd after registration

As local suppliers in Uganda for Stern Wywiol Gruppe, we support a good number of companies and in this; we have got experience and expertise in business handling.
Our offices are located at plot 8 Mirembe house Kibuye-Kampala Masaka Road. P.O.BOX 12397 Kampala Uganda.

As a leading company in the field of flour enrichment, Muhlenchemie supports the FFI - Flour Fortification Initiative. This international alliance of universities, public institutions and private enterprise seeks to combat vitamin and mineral deficiency in the developing and newly industrialized countries. Its objective is to save lives and promote health.

We represent Stern Wywiol Grupe in Uganda and we are the sole certified agents of wheat flour improvers, stabilizers, food supplements enzymes and food fortificants, which are manufactured by this Group having its headquarters in Germany.

Stern Wywiol group is comprised of ten (10) companies. They are globally praised in high quality production for many years since 1923, with many specialties some of which are those listed above. These companies, with specific products have factories scattered all over Europe and Asia.

The cores of the group are:

  • Muhlenchemie GmbH & Co.KG
  • Stern vitamin Gmbh & Co.KG
  • Hydrosol Produktions GmbH & Co.KG and
  • Stern Enzyme GmbH & Co.KG.