Food Supplements

The future belongs to nutrition. The market for food, supplements, and functional foods has been booming for years. Growth is trending up, around the world.

Sport & Fitness

  • Isotonic drink powder
  • Protein 90
  • Protein 80
  • Weight Gainer


  • Diet drinks per 14a
  • Diet soups per 14a
  • Balanced diet supplements

Health & Wellness

  • Lecithin granulate
  • Drinkable gelatine plus biotin
  • Base powder
  • Dextrose (including with vitamins)
  • Active whey (including with yogurt)
  • Vitamin hot drinks
  • Fibre products
  • Multivitamin granulate
  • Vitamin C


  • Proteins:
    With up to 35% high-quality proteins

  • Energy, fitness, jogging:
    For long-term energy with high carb content
  • Meal substitutes:
    With vitamins, minerals, trace elements but few calories
  • Whey:
    With biologically high-quality protein, minerals and lactose
  • Snacks:
    With vitamins and calcium