Stabilising Systems

The Hydrosol team develops tailor-made stabilising systems and emulsifying systems for dairy products, ice cream, deli foods, ready meals, meat and sausage products and also integrated compounds for deli specialities and desserts.

With commitment and know-how we have made our company a centre of excellence in the field of stabilisers and emulsifiers. We are familiar with the properties of every single stabiliser and every single emulsifier. That enables us to create systems whose synergisms make customized solutions possible.

For dairy products

Hydrosol's applications research team develops economical stabilising systems based on milk that meet the needs of the production line.

For deli foods and ready meals

Hydrosol filling aids enable uniform, fast and economical filling of top-quality products. That has made us market leader in this field. Our stabilising systems ensure safe and reliable production of deli foods and ready meals.

For meat and sausage products

The manufacture of cooked sausage, boiled sausage, boiled ham and restructured meat products requires technologies of very different kinds.

Integrated compounds for deli foods and desserts

The use of ready-mixed compounds guarantees a high level of functionality and reduces costs by permitting savings in the procurement of raw materials, storage and quality control.

For ice cream We develop tailor-made stabilising systems for basic and luxury ice, sorbets, water ice and sherbets.