Enzyme Systems

Enzymes play a major role in today's food industry. They can be used in any field and assist numerous processes, although each individual enzyme only acts on a specific substrate..

Our multi-enzyme compounds contain carefully selected enzymes whose actions complement each other, resulting in synergisms. Important constituents of these compounds are enzymes such as amylase, glucoamylase, hemicellulase, invertase, lactoperoxidase, lipase, pentosanase, protease, xylanase and the newly developed sulphydryl oxidase.

Enzyme design and applications research on a sophisticated level ensure SternEnzym, and thus our customers, a decisive competitive edge. We have a modern Technology Centre with the latest equipment and maintain close relations with universities and research institutions.

SternEnzym produces customized enzyme compounds, even in small quantities if necessary. To make sure we know what our customers really want and need, we work on the tandem principle: from the very first meeting a member of our scientific team or an applications technologist is present as well as a commercial adviser. In this way we make full use of our skills right from the start.

Our products

SternEnzym has accompanied this development with many pioneering enzymatic solutions. If you are looking for an enzyme, an enzyme compound or a multi-enzyme compound for the food sector which is not listed here, please let us know.

Bakery products

In this field nearly all the typical properties can be changed specifically with the aid of products from SternEnzym. Our amylases, for example, can reduce the Falling Number and boost oven rise and baked volume. For long-life bakery products there are various enzymes that reduce water-binding, relax the dough and enhance browning.

Pasta products

Asian steamed bread is made from wheat flour and fermented but not baked. The dough is made with little or no salt. The stability of the finished steamed product is greatly improved by Tigerzym. For pasta production we have developed the enzyme complex Pastazym; it improves tolerance to boiling and the firmness of fresh noodles.

Sugar industry

The use of the enzyme dextranase from the Sugazym series is the most efficient means of hydrolysing dextran even before the sugar leaves the mill and ensuring the production of high-quality sugar.
Dextranase decomposes dextran that has been synthesized by mico-organisms. The sugar juice becomes less viscous and the clarification process is improved. During the processing time, dextranase increases sugar crystallization. It prevents dextran forming flocs, and so enhances the quality of refined sugar. This highgrade sugar can be used to make boiled sweets and alcoholic beverages, thus widening the sugar producers' range of potential customers by two large industries.


Creamy fillings tend to harden after only a short time, even if the products are packaged. Sweetase is an enzyme complex based on invertase that inhibits this process in cream fillings, marzipan or rum balls.
Chewing gum to protect the teeth: Certain components of saliva help to protect the teeth against attack by microbes. Bactozym in chewing gum mobilizes the mouth’s own protective system and increases the protection.

Alcoholic beverages

In the brewing industry the products from the Optizym series enhance the quality of the beer by stabilizing the foam and reducing cloudiness. Financial benefits also result from reduction of the amount of malt required and faster maturing of the beer.
Use of the Spritase products in the manufacture of various spirits reduces the necessary energy input, shortens the production time and increases the alcohol yield.

Dairy products

Milk is an important source of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. The lactose contained in milk is also an important supplier of energy. Almost all new-borns produce lactase to enable them to digest lactose. As people age, their ability to digest lactose diminishes. Our Dairyzym YL microbial lactase can be used to produce lactose-free milk, in order to satisfy consumer demand for easily digestible, healthy food.
The rennets in our Kesozym series guarantee an excellent yield for cheese manufacturers. The lipases and proteases from the Kesozym series can be used to produce exactly the flavour the customer requires.

Fish and Meat products

For a long time it was customary to sell offcuts from good quality meat or fish for less than they were worth. Our transglutaminase Mesozym PT joins offcuts into stable medallions in order to match appearance with quality and command higher prices. When used with surimi, transglutaminase produces a stronger gel. Mesozym PT thus makes fish processing easier, irrespective of seasonal variations in quality. It is also possible to process frozen fish using transglutaminase.