Flour Improvers

Flour is a natural product and therefore subject to fluctuations in quality. But uniform quality is a "must" for bakers and millers. M├╝hlenchemie a company under stern Wywiol Gruppe umbrella offers intelligent solutions for flour standardization and flour improvement. They include Enzyme Systems, bromate substitutes, ascorbic acid, oxidizing agents, vitamins and minerals, and also baking premixes for ready-mixed and composite flours.
With our internationally established enzyme preparations, we have created pioneering solutions in the field of flour improvement.

Tasks of flour improvement

  • To compensate for a low gluten or protein content
  • To compensate for damage to the harvest caused by the weather
  • To optimize wheat blends etc.
  • To correct over-strong wheat varieties
  • To balance qualities with moist, weak doughs
  • To improve harvest-damaged lots
  • To help incorporate substitutes (e.g. maize, tapioca).

Poor or unsuitable quality occurs in all parts of the world. The right flour treatment is often the only way to make tasty baked products at reasonable prices.

Enzyme technology as a core field of competence

Solutions with added value are part of our successful corporate philosophy. Research into the baking properties of enzymes in conjunction with emulsifiers, oxidizing agents and other ingredients, with specific applications in mind, is an important basis for such solutions.

Products for flour improvement

  • Enzyme System [ amylases, hemicellulases, oxidases, proteases, bromate substitutes ]
  • Flour maturing and oxidizing agents [ascorbic acid, bromate, other oxidizing agents, bleaching agents ]
  • Other flour improvers [ lecithin, malt flours, dough softeners, acidity regulators ]